Carnegie, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1900


Two Tons of Coal Fell Upon an Accommodation With Terrible Force.

PITTSBURG, Aug 2—At 6:40 o’clock this morning, just as the Steubens [illegible] accommodation on the Pan Handle Railroad, east –bound, was passing the coal schute [sic] of the Boyd Coal company near Carnegie station, something at the tipple gave way.

About two tons of coal was hurled upon the passing train with terrific force. The rear coach filled with passengers, suffered most severely. The roof and side of the car were smashed into splinters and the passengers were buried beneath the deluge of coal and other debris. A passenger named Smith, a painter, resident of Holliday’s Cove, was probably fatally injured, being terribly crushed and cut. He was removed to home home and will probably die from his injuries. Another painter, named Johnson, of Steubenville, was also badly hurt, but will probably recover. Frederick Crouch and Mike Flanagan were also cut and bruised, as were a number of passengers whose names were not ascertained. Some part of the machinery governing the gates of the coal chute gate was just as the train rushed by.

Wilkes-Barre Times, Wilkes-Barre, PA 2 Aug 1900