Quakertown, PA Automobile And Trolley Car Collision, Oct 1920



Quakertown, Pa., Oct. 25. -- The tragedy near this borough when a Lehigh Valley Transit company limited car and an automobile crashed together head-on wiped out two entire families.
Two of the victims were a couple who had been married but three weeks, and the other three were husband, wife and only child. All were Philadelphians, one husband and the other wife were brother and sister and all four adults were companions from childhood.
The dead, who were identified here by a brother of one of the women, were:
MR. and MRS. HARDIE H. FEHNEL, aged 33 and 27, respectively, and daughter, BEATRICE, aged two years, 5908 North Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia.
MR. and MRS. HENRY F. MILLER, 26 and 22 years, of 2025 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
FEHNEL, who was MRS. MILLER'S brother, was driving the automobile when it was struck. The car that hit it was southbound from Allentown to Philadelphia and the crash occurred at a point on the Allentown Road about half a mile south of Quakertown, where the trolley line crosses the road. Witnesses say that the driver of the automobile evidently missed seeing the crossing sign.
The trolley car and the automobile came together with an impact that caused the former to leave the track. It swept into a field at the side of the road and carried the automobile beneath it and reduced it to junk. The five who lost their lives apparently were killed instantly by blown on the head.
After the accident, HIRAM ERB, of Souderton, motorman of the trolley car, fainted. He was revived and fainted a second time. Coroner White, of Bucks County, came to Quakertown and conducted an investigation.
The sentiment of the coroner and of witnesses appears to be that there was no negligence on the part of the transit company.

Tyrone Daily Herald Pennsylvania 1920-10-25