Gettysburg, PA Auto Wreck, May 1925


State police this morning were called upon to investigate an accident in which two light machines collided several hundred yards beyond Barlow at 8 o'clock, Wednesday evening, injuring three young men, occupant of one of the cars which upset.

Grover D. Yingling, Gettysburg Route 2, had cuts on his thumb and leg which required several stitches to close, and David K. McCleaf, also of Route 2, suffered probable internal injuries. Heyward McCleaf, David's brother, third man in the overturned car, was unhurt.

The car which figured in the collision with that in which the three young men were riding was driven by Donald Hinkle, Gettysburg, who was uninjured. The machine in which the three young men were riding was badly damaged, but Hinkle's car was able to proceed from the scene of the accident under its own power.

State police said they were continuing their investigation of the cause of the accident, and would announce their findings later.

The Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, PA 21 May 1925