Orefield, PA Private Plane Crashes, Sept 1979


Orefield, Pa. (UPI) -- Three persons were killed Wedesday when a single engine airplane crashed in a water-filled quarry after it encountered a thunderstorm.
State police said the victims were:
MARGARET BURKE, all of Philadelphia.
The group was returning from a vacation trip to Canada.
The body of ne of the victims was not recovered until hours after the crash. Divers from Lehigh County's Civil Defense Underwater Recovery Unit recovered that body after a three-hour search.
The quarry, also known as a mine hole, is located in a remote area about seven miles north of Allentown.
Frank Foxwell, supervisor of air traffic control at Allentown Bethlehem Easton Airport in Allentown, said the Cherokee ran into trouble during the storm and went down about 3:30 p.m.
"We don't know exactly what happened," he said. "We were working the aircraft through the area and all of a sudden ... we heard a scream over the radio and it disappeared from the radar."
Foxwell said the plane was bound for one of several private airfields in Bucks County, but he did not know its point of departure.
A fire official said, "It appears the plane was too low and snagged several of the trees and just came right down into the mine hole."

Tyrone Daily Herald Pennsylvania 1979-09-06