Erie, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1920

Eight Killed, Nineteen Hurt In Erie Wreck

Six Women Among Those Who Die as N.Y.C. Car Jumps Track and Hits Pullman.

Open Switch Is Blamed

Investigations are Begun by Company and Federal Officials.

The Dead.
Mrs. Anna Tokle, 76, Grinnell, Ia., died at St. Vincent’s Hospital.
Miss Anna Tokle, 20, Grinnell, Ia., killed instantly.
Caspard Deschamps, Missoula, Mont., died at St. Vincent’s Hospital.
Algot Carlson, 13, Sebaska, Minn., died instantly.
Clara Miller, Chicago.
Mrs. J.P. Monaud, Los Angeles.
Ida Rosenthal, Chicago.
Unidentified Woman, about 30.

The Injured.
Alma Forsmack, 34, North Shipping, Sweden, fracture skull, may die.
Unidentified Woman, unconscious, fractured skull.
Mrs. Laura Schmaldfeldt, 56, Davenport, Ia., fractured skull.
Mrs. Jack Hanson, 32, Seattle, lacerations of face and shoulders.
Leroy Hanson, 9, Seattle, cuts and lacerations.
Mrs. S.L. Secord, 31, Chicago, two broken ribs and lacerations of face and hands.
Walter W. Richardson, 27, New York, body contusions.
George W. Andrews, Buffalo, shock and cuts.
Mrs. Ida C. Meyers, 5, Chicago, bruised shoulder and shock.
Mrs. Findlat Wood, Pallatine, Ill., bruises and shock.
Mrs. C.C. Flagg, 36, Indiana Harbor, cut, lacerated scalp.
A.H. Breler, 58, Waterbury, Conn., lacerations of face, contusion, shock.
William Challicon, 67, South Bend, Ind., bruises.
Paul [illegible], 53, Wyoming, Pa., bruises.
Christina Carlson, Sebaska, Minn., lacerations.
Emmett Carlson, 7, Sebaska, Minn., bruises.
Chester Carlson, 10, Sebaska, Minn., bruises.
Gideon Carlson, 10, leg broken.
Bert Tokle, 40, Grinnell, Ia., lacerations of face.

(Special to The Plain Dealer)
Erie, Pa., Oct. 20.-Eight persons, six of them women, were killed, and nineteen others injured when a car of the Cleveland-Buffalo express eastbound, left the track and sideswiped the second Pullman car of the New York-Chicago express, westbound, of the New York Central railroad just west of the Union depot here this morning.

The mistake of a member of a section gang working near the dept in throwing open a switch, causing the car of the eastbound express to leave the track and crush the westbound car, is believed by railroad officials to have been the cause of the accident.