Allentown, PA Drowning In Basin Of Lehigh River, May 1836


Drowned in the basin of the Lehigh River at Allentown, on Monday evening the 9th inst. MR. ABRAHAM MOSER, of Easton, aged about 22 years. He was a hand on board one of the Canal boats of Mr. Jacob Able, and in attempting to wash himself, it is supposed, he fell from the boat into the water. No assistance being at hand, and unable to swim, he drowned. He was not missed until the next morning, when on searching his lifeless body was found and conveyed to the residence of his mother, who is a widow.
Of a truth has it been said, that this family has experienced more misery than any other in the country. The father and one of the sons a few years since, in midwinter, were driven in a boat on a sandbar in the Delaware River. Without fire they passed the dreary night. In the morning the father was a corpse, and the son so badly frozen that to save his life both feet were amputated at the ankles. Another of the sons fell into the Delaware River during the late high water and drowned -- his body has not yet been recovered. And now to cap the climax of miscry and distress, a third son is suddenly taken from the widowed mother. Inscrutable are the ways of Providence.
Easton Argus.

Republican Compiler Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1836-05-24