Harrisburg, PA Oil Lamp Causes Fire, May 1905

Ill Woman Rescued From Blazing Room By Her Neighbors

A knock at her front door aroused Mrs. Alice Hartz, 103 South Fourth street, last evening at 9 o’clock from her bed, and upon going to a window to see who was below she fell to the floor, upsetting an oil lamp from a table. The lamp, which was of glass, broke and the oil caught fire.

Mrs. Hartz has been sick for two weeks and it was owing to weakness that she fell against the table. Her cries for help brought the visitor and neighbor to her room. She was aided to a down-stairs room and telephone calls were sent to the Friendship and Citizen engine companies.

Meantime the flames had spread from the floor to a bureau and other furniture in the room. Several buckets of water thrown on the blaze extinguished the fire before the companies had responded. Little damage was done.

When the alarm was first sounded the railroad fighters at Union Station reeled off several directions of hose and ran the line up the Mulberry street bridge approach to the house.

Patriot, Harrisburg, PA 24 May 1905