Chester, PA Rescued from Quagmire, Dec 1908


Girl Sinks Up to Her Waist Before She Is Rescued.

Chester, Pa., Dec. 4.--Miss Helen Haney, of this city, narrowly escaped being buried alive. When she started for work she took a short cut that brought her along the Ridley creek marshes, just out the outskirts of this city.

A puff of wind blew her hat out on the marshland. Without realizing the danger the girl started to recover her bonnet. In a moment she had plunged into the quagmire.

Miss Haney called loudly for help as she sank knee deep into the mud. She was unable to extricate herself. After she had gone down until the mud encircled her waist her cries were heard by Gilbert Childs, Jr.

He quickly summoned several men, and after considerable difficulty the girl was pulled out of the mud and landed on firm ground.

"I thought my time had come," the girl declared. "I now know how a person feels who is about to be buried alive."

Adams County News, Gettysburg PA Dec 5, 1908