Philadelphia, PA Trolley Car Wreck, May 1908

Three Meet Death When Trolley Cars Collide at Philadelphia. Injured Are Taken to Hospitals In Automobiles of Wealthy Residents of an Exclusive Suburb.

Philadelphia, May 24.-Three persons were instantly killed, at least five others were so baldy injured that there is little hope of their recovery, and 45 were seriously hurt in a collision between trolley cars on Germantown avenue, near Chestnut Hill, a suburb, in the northern section of the city, late tonight.

The only body this far identified is that of MRS. GEORGE D. WAGNER, aged 65 years, of Cornwell, Pa.

The bodies of an unidentified woman about 60 years of age and an unidentified man about 45 years of age are in a hospital near the scene of the accident.

Forty-five persons were taken to the Chestnut Hill and Germantown hospitals, several miles from the scene of the accident, and many were taken away in automobiles by the wealthy residents of the exclusive Chestnut Hill district. They were treated by private physicians and in consequence absolutely no details as to the injured can be obtained.

Among those who were seriously injured were George Wagner, whose wife was killed, and Alexander McKay, aged 45. His artificial leg was jammed up into his body and he cannot live, it is said.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 25 May 1908