Crossingville, PA Saw Mill Boiler Explosion, Aug 1864



On Thursday morning last an engine boiler belonging to a portable saw mill, owned by Pond & Co., of Spring Township, but located at the time of the explosion near Crossingville, exploded with terrible force, killing LAFAYETTE WYETH, JEREMIAH WATERS and EZRA THAYER, and wounding ISSAC POND, JR., one of the proprietors, and S. WEST, a hand employed about the mill. The mill had not been in operation the previous day, two of the persons killed having been absent at a funeral of a hand formerly employed in the mill. The engine had just been started in the morning when the explosion took place resulting as above stated. The engineer, THAYER, was thrown a distance of twenty-two rods, by actual measurement, and was literally blown to pieces, parts of his body being found in over a dozen different places, completely naked, and presenting a horrible spectacle. WATERS was not carried quite so great a distance, but was nearly dismembered, one arm and leg being torn off and his body otherwise horribly mutilated. WYETH was injured in the back of the head, making a terrible wound from which the brain oozed out. He lived a few moments after the explosion. ISSAC POND, JR., was struck in the hip but is able to be up and around. S. WEST, hurt in head, but not severe. The force of the explosion was tremendous; pieces of the boiler weighing from 400 to 800 pounds being thrown from twenty to thirty rods, and nothing remains on the site of the mill except a mass of ruins. The killed, we believe, were all residents of Spring Township. Taken all in all it is the most terrible accident that has occurred in our County for many years.
Conneautville Record.

The Elk Advocate Ridgway Pennsylvania 1864-08-27