Rockwood, PA Trains Collide, May 1902




Ten Car Loads of Italian Immigrants Mixed Up In a Collision With a Fast Freight -- Another Bad Wreck.

Associated Press.
Connellsville, May 5 -- Two were killed and forty-five injured, two probably fatally in a bad head on collision between an emigrant train and a fast freight near Rockwood, on the Connellsville division of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad yesterday. The two trains dashed towards each other on a straight stretch of track and this fact alone averted what would have been the worst wreck in the history of the road.
The dead are: A. D. VENTURRE and NICOLA SAKET, two Italian immigrants.
The fatally injured are: B. F. SMALLWOOD, newsboy on the immigrant train; married and lives at Cumberland, crushed through the body; hurried to Western Maryland hospital at Cumberland. DOMINICO PEDAZHEL, Italian, bruised and crushed through the body, badly cut about head; rushed to hospital here where an operation was performed last night. W. H. HENSEL, a brakeman of this place, has badly sprained legs from a headlong jump down over the bank into the Casselman river. He was brought to his home here. Forty-five Italian immigrants, the majority of them men, were injured, but none of their injuries are serious enough to warrant their removal to the hospital.
The scene of the wreck is a mile east of Rockwood and half way to the Luzon telegraph station which marks the terminal of the double tracking operations on the Connellsville division of the road. From Luzon for a number of miles east the road is operated were fearful to hear. The trainmen train was late out of Cumberland and had been given time at the telegraph office along the line. It was hauling, ten coaches of Italian immigrants. The fast freight east bound was hauling 22 loads of merchandise. When the crash came the baggage car and the three coaches next were almost demolished. Almost every occupant was cut and bruised by the shower of broken glass. A number were pinioned beneath the wreckage and their cries for aid in the foreign tongue were fearful to hear. The trainmen aided by the willing immigrants who were riding in the rear cars worked hard to release the sufferers. SMALLWOOD, the newsboy, was with his stock in the baggage car when the crash came. His was a terrible position and he suffered for almost an hour before he was released. Fire started several times but was extinguished before any damage was done.
All of the injured were detained here where they will be well cared for by the officials of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad until their condition will allow them to proceed to their western destination. Both engines four coaches of the passenger and three of the freight were demolished by the wreck.
The cause of the wreck, as rumored among railroaders here, is that the freight was running a lap on the passenger train's time when the collision occurred but this has not been proven.

Daily Gazette & Bulletin Williamsport Pennsylvania 1902-05-06