Altoona, PA Horseshoe Curve Train Wreck, Feb 1947

Altoona, PA Horseshoe Curve Train Wreck, Feb 1947 Altoona PA 2-18-1947 Red Arrow Wreck 3

At Least 20 Are Killed In Early Morning Wreck Of Pennsy’s “Red Arrow”

Altoona, Pa . Feb 18-AP- Coroner DANIEL REPLOGLE of Altoona, said that “ at least 20 were killed” in the wreck of Pennsylvania railroad’s “Red Arrow”, Detroit to New York passenger train, 10 miles west of here early today.

The coroner said that 17 bodies had been taken out of the wreck, which occurred when the train jumped the track and sent the two engines, mail car, baggage car, coach and two sleepers plunging down the embankment, overturned the diner and two sleepers and derailed three other sleepers.

The dead included three members of the four-man engine crews -ENGINEMAN M. E. McCARDLE of Scottdale, Pa., FIREMAN R. H. HENRY of Derry, Pa., and FIREMAN J. M. PARASOK of Altoona

Other Identified Dead.

Other dead identified at the morgue included: SELICIA HAMLIK, Flint, Mich., PVT. GEORGE H STACY, Ft Dix, N.J., MRS. SADIE TAYLOR, New Castle, Del. And JOHN DRUMM, believed to be a soldier from DuBois, Pa.

A Pennsylvania railroad spokesman estimated “ about 80 persons” were injured.

The wreck of the Detroit-New York sleeper occurred at 3:25 am. The scene was about two miles west of “Horseshoe Curve” known to thousands for its beautiful view down a mountain valley.


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