Glencoe, PA Train Derails Rounding Curve, Jan 1902


Engine and FIve Cars of Passenger Train Leave Track.

Glencoe, Pa. (Special) -- Baltimore and Ohio Railroad passenger train No. 6, drawn by engine 888, was wrecked while rounding a curve about one and one-half miles east of here. The engine and train were entirely destroyed by fire, leaving only the trucks and iron parts.
The engineer and fireman of the train were killed and 21 injured.
A special train was hurried to the scene of the wreck with DRS. RACE, WILEY, SPEAR, CLAYBROOK and TWIGG on board and upon arrival it was found that DR. G. B. HAGGARD, of Massilon, Ohio, and DR. V. T. McGILLICUDY, of Los Angeles, Cal., who were on the wrecked train, had ministered as far as possible to the wants of the injured. Seven men whose injuries were most severe were brought to the hospital here and are doing well. A number were taken to Myersdale, Pa.
Just what caused the wreck is not known. The train was coming down a steep grade at a lively rate when the engine suddenly left the track and buried itself in the mountain side, almost completely clearing the tracks and flattening itself against the mountain. The front of the engine, including the cylinders and side robs, were completely driven into the mountain. The mail car struck the engine tank and swung around beside the engine, while other cars of the train, consisting of a baggage car, smoker, day coach and two Pullmans, jumped the track and ran on the ties the full length of the train beyond the engine.
The engine and postal car immediately causht fire, the gas lights in the latter car causing the blaze, and the flames being communicated from there to the rear Pullman, spread through to the baggage car, the entire wreck burning like tinder. All the cars were more or less wrecked by the sudden stop, the chairs in the Pullman being torn from their places and thrown around the cars. The tracks were badly torn up.
Mail Clerk PARTELLO states that there were about 80,000 pieces of mail in the mail car, and that the only thing saved was one registered letter and one registered parcel.

Chateaugay Record New York 1902-01-10