Howard Station, PA Train Accident, Jan 1908

A Remarkable Accident

The death of BURTON C. GRIFFITH, of Plumville, the young man who had both legs cut off in a railroad accident Saturday morning occurred the same day of the accident at 3:00 in the afternoon.

The particulars of the accident show it to be a remarkable one, although nothing could have been done to save the young man.

At the time of the accident the train was pulling up a steep grade Engineer DETWILER had stepped back to the tank to get a drink. GRIFFITH was straddling the space between the cab and tank when the drawbar broke. The engine leaped away from the tender and the unfortunate fireman fell directly across the rail.

From Howard Station, the scene of the accident, DETWILER walked to Covode before he could find a telephone and warn the dispatcher at DuBois that a runaway engine was on the track. With just enough steam to cross the summit at Covode, eight miles from Howard Station, the engine ran down the grade to Juneau, then out upon the B. R. & P tracks stopping two miles up the road. It was here that the freight train from DuBois crashed into the runaway.

GRIFFITH was about twenty years of age and had but recently been released from a hospital where he was confined with pneumonia. He had been railroading but little over three weeks, and the trip on which he met his death was to have been his last, doctors having advised him to give it up. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE S. GRIFFITH of Plumville.

The Indiana Democrat, Indiana, PA 15 Jan 1908