Honesdale, PA Flood, May 1942

Callaway provided the first eyewitness account written from the stricken community.

After describing the confusion caused by the fire whistle alarm sounded there late Friday night, he wrote:

"I went down town and found everything piled up---dirt, wreckage, automobiles, parts of bridges, and homes...... Roads were gouged out. Sidewalks were washed out from underneath. Two houses were missing completely from their foundations. Two others were leaning toward the river at 45 degree angle and two more were floating down the river.

"People have been ordered off the streets by police, and no more people may cross the Lackaaxen[sic] in boats drawn by cables....

"We expect to continue as usual. The factories are going to open and stores are ready for business."

HONESDALE, Pa., May 25.----(AP)---The dead in the Pennsylvania floods as reported by hospitals and Red Cross officials:

At Honesdale: SADIE and GRACE BLAIN, sisters; MICHAEL TENBUS, 60, Mrs. MARY TINSMAN; 67; her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. JOSEPH WESTBROOK, 45 and 40; JAMES MARSHALL, 70; his daughter, Miss MARJORIE MARSHALL, 27; Mrs. LUCY MURRAY KELLEHER, 55; her brother JAMES MURRAY, 50; Mrs. LIZZIE APPEL, 72; Miss LOUIS ROOS, 60; GEORGE GOESS, 65, an unidentified woman.

At Hawley: Mrs. CARLINE LEHMAN, 75; Mrs. EMALINE McKEAN; 76; her daughter, Mrs. GUSSIE KEYES, 46; Mrs. DORA STEPHENSON, 46; Mrs. LYDIA HETERS, 90; JAMES McDONOUGH, 67; Mr. and Mrs. CARL WALTERS, 55 and 50.

At White Mills JOHN RICHTER, 60, Mrs. EMMA PARTRIDGE, 89; her sister, Mrs. MAMIE ELMORE, 70.

At Allentown Mrs. GERTRUDE BLAESER, 55.

At Reading RALPH H COLE, 49.

At Philadelphia; JOHN WOODARD, 74.

At Williamsport: Mrs. IDA DONEY, 77, of Philadelphia.

At Oxford: WILLIAM TURNEY, 63.

At Pottstown: Mrs. ELLA HALDEMAN, 63.

At Norristown: Mrs. GEORGE W. GLEASON

At Scranton: CARL JAFFENY.

At Bridgeport. Dr. HOWARD M. HASSELL, 72, state health director for Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

Clearfield Progress, Clearfield, PA 25 May 1942


Flood Toll Increases

HONESDALE, Pa., June 8.---(AP)---The number of known dead from Wayne County's flash floods of two weeks ago rose to 22 today with the discovery of the body of Miss LOUISE ROOS, 60, Everett Knapp, yesterday discovered the body in a pile of debris along the Lackawaxen River bank three miles from here.

Two persons, 15 year old Bernard Curton and Donald Walter, 11, are still missing.

Clearfield Progress, Clearfield, PA 8 June 1942


Flood Aftermath

HONESDALE, Pa., June 16.---(AP)---Wayne County Court has postponed all cases set for trial this week----because lawyers lost their data in the May 22 flash floods.

Clearfield Progress, Clearfield, PA 16 June 1942