Pittsburgh, PA Collision of the Steamers FORREST and PULASKI, May 1843

William Cuon, another of the unfortunate men scalded on board the Pulaski, died at Pittsburgh on Tuesday morning. He was a deck passenger on board the Pulaski, and his place of residence was Collins, Erie county, N.Y. The owners of the Pulaski have entered a suit against those of the Forrest, laying their damages at $10,000. It is contended by the owners of the Pulaski that the Forrest ran into their boat designedly.

Centinel of Freedom, Newark, NJ 16 May 1843


THE SUFFERS BY THE LATE ACCIDENT TO THE PULASKI -- Two of the sufferers by the accident to the Pulaski, near Pittsburgh, have died Hawkins and Coon, another named Gibson, will not, it is feared, recover. The remainder have recovered sufficiently to continue on their route. There seems to be a divided opinion as to the cause of the accident, some believing that the Forrest ran into the Pulaski designedly and some entirely the result of an accident. The officers of the Pulaski have made affidavit to the fact relative to the collision which go to cast blame upon those who had charge of the Forrest. Others who were on board of the boats think there was no design of running into each other on the part of either boat. Perhaps an opinion between the two would be near the truth -- that the accident and suffering and loss of life might have been prevented by stricter care and attention on the part of the officers of the boats. The owners of the Pulaski have entered suit against those of the Forrest, laying their damages at $10,000.

Public Ledger, Philadelphia, PA 15 May 1843

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