Ridgway, PA Construction Worker Electrocuted, Oct 1961


Ridgway - A Tyrone, Pa., man was electrocuted Saturday when a high tension line sent its power coursing through his dump truck in a freak accident at a construction job five miles south of Ridgway.
The victim's co-worker miraculously escaped death when he attempted to free the man from the red-hot truck.
State Police identified the dead man as BRINKLEY H. MILLER, JR., 35, RD 2, Tyrone. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Elk County General Hospital around 3 p.m.
Injured was MILES WOODEL, Clearfield County, who suffered hand burns and was knocked momentarily unconscious when he tried to enter the victim's truck to drive it away from the power line.
Cpl. James Johnston, investigating, said MILLER had parked his double-length truck in the lot of the Belvedere Restaurant and had turned on the hydraulic life prior to dumping his load of gravel onto the berm of Route 219.
Between the time MILLER left the cab and reached the rear of the vehicle, the rising rear body struck the overhead line and when he touched the chute on the vehicle the 9,700 volts of power surged through his body.

Rushes to Cab.
When WOODEL saw the tires of the truck burning and saw MILLER clinging helplessly to the chute handle, he entered the cab to try to free his friend.
State police speculate that WOODEL, too, would have been killed if MILLER'S body had not consumed the bulk of the line's shocking power.
Other workers, using poles and insulated clothing, rushed to the scene and freed the truck from the line.

The Kane Republican Pennsylvania 1961-10-23