Erie, PA Freight Train - Trolley Car Wreck, Jul 1920


Freight and Passenger Cars Meet In Head-On Collision on Northwestern Line Near Erie

Erie, July 28. -- William Zimmer, a track laborer of Edinboro, was killed and twelve persons were injured when a passenger and a freight car met in head-on collision on the Northwestern Pennsylvania Electric Railway two miles south of here this afternoon.  Failure of the freight train to make a switch was given by officials of the road as the cause of the accident.

The seriously injured were:

Mrs. P. B. Sheridan, Chicago; Mrs. J. J. Klowier, Cambridge Springs; John Hopski, Erie; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Mohn, Pittsburgh; Austin Corll, motorman of the passenger car; Lee Vaughn and Frank Leslie, freight train crew of Meadville, and Archibald Steele, section foreman, Edinboro.  All are in Erie hospitals.

Patriot, Harrisburg, PA 29 Jul 1920