Bradys Run Park, PA Man Drowns In Spillway, Jun 1995


Brighton Township, Pa. - A man who could not swim shouted "Who's gonna save me?" to relatives just before going under water and drowning in a murky section of a creek spillway in Beaver County.
LEANDER LEAVELLE, 27, of Midland Heights had taken his girlfriend and six nieces and nephews on a picnic Sunday afternoon at Bradys Run Park.
Just before jumping into the spillway, LEAVELLE told a nearby fisherman, Daron Burd of Beaver Falls, that he did not want to go near the water, but his girlfriend had asked him to play with the children, Burd said.
LEAVELLE yelled, "Who's gonna save me?" right after jumping in, Burd said, but witnesses did not know if LEAVELLE was joking.
LEAVELLE'S girlfriend, Jeri Wise, urged one of the children to help, saying LEAVELLE could not swim, but the man quickly disappeared in the murky water, Burd said.
Burd and authorities who were called to the scene searched for LEAVELLE, pulling him to shore about 15 minutes after he went under, said Brighton Township Police Officer Nick Colonna.
LEAVELLE apparently had not been drinking, Colonna said.

Indiana Gazette Pennsylvania 1995-06-17