Briar Creek, PA Three Killed In Auto Crash, Dec 1952


Berwick, Dec. 29 - (INS) - Three youths were killed and three others injured seriously when the car they were riding skidded and crashed at Briar Creek, near Berwick today.
Police identified the dead as WILLIAM HUDAK, about 20, of Exeter, a student at Fordham University; STEVEN PESTAK, about 20, of Exeter, a marine home from Korea; and MARY P. JOYCE, 17, of West Pittston.
The automobile, police said, skidded on a frost-covered curve, skidded sideways for 120 feet, crashed into a utility pole snapping it into three pieces, continued to skid for another 150 feet and came back onto the highway where it crashed into the left front of a car driven by Clarence Hottenstein, of Mifflinville. Hottenstein was uninjured.
The three persons injured were WILLIAM TETER, JR., 17, of Wilkes-Barre; SALLY KERN, 16, of Dallas; and INA MAE KEEFER, about 17, of New York City.
Officers said HUDAK, the driver, was pinned in the vehicle for 20 minutes. Four of the passengers were thrown from the vehicle onto the highway. MISS JOYCE'S body was tossed into a barbed wire fence along the highway.
Police said the car was demolished completely.

Somerset Daily American Pennsylvania 1952-12-30