Sandy Run, PA Railroad Accident, Nov 1888


Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 3. - A fearful accident occurred on the Sandy Run branch of the Huntington & Broad Top Railroad yesterday. Fourteen employees of the road were coming down from the ore mines on a hand car, guided by WILLIAM STULL, when the forward wheel broke, and with awful results, the occupants of the car being scattered in every direction. Some of them were picked up forty feet away from the track. SAMUEL HASTINGS was caught and wound up in the wheels. He was instantly killed. MAHER ZEETH, the mine boss at Sand Run, had his skull literally crushed in by the shock of the fall. He is dead. SAMUEL KNIGHT and his brother, LOU KNIGHT, were terribly cut up. SAMUEL is not expected to live. NICHOLAS STEVENS is thought to be fatally injured. DANIEL SWISHER had his back broken. A second car truck following the first was signaled just in time to prevent a fearful crash. The scene was ghastly to an extreme.

Coffeyville Weekly Journal Kansas 1888-11-08