Longfellow, PA Fatal PRR Train Wreck, Jan 1903

Fatal PRR Train Wreck - January 26, 1903

Fatal Rear End Collision –

Occurred at Longfellow Last Night, when a Freight Train Ran Into a Wreck Train --- Many Miraculous Escapes

A fatal rear-end collision occurred last night at 10:30 o’clock, at Longfellow, sixty-two miles east of Altoona.

Extra 1965 ran into the Mifflin wreck train, which was loaded with the wreck crew, and C. A. Fasick, one of the wreckers, was so badly injured that he died at 2:25 o’clock this morning in the hospital at Mifflin.
S. W. Hoffman, foreman of the 1965, was seriously injured, among other hurts being a broken jaw.

The wreck train had stopped at Longfellow to take water, and while it was standing at the plug the freight train ran into it. The blame has not yet been placed by the company’s officials.

The one engine and several cars were smashed up, the debris being scattered over the tracks, blocking them and delaying both the freight and passenger movement.

Hoffman is aged 35 tears, is married and his home is in Patterson. Fasick’s home is at Mifflin.

Altoona Mirror - January 27, 1903


On Monday night the wreck train of this place was called out to McVeytown to replace some cars that had been derailed and on their return trip home they stopped at Longfellow to take water and had hardly made the stop when Empire Express passenger engine 1065 with Engineer Brustler at the throttle and Fireman Seaber and Flagman S. W. Hoffman of East Waterford (who received a fracture of the upper jaw) came thundering down on them, crashing into the rear-end of the heavy steam derrick forcing it through the wheel and tool cars making a complete pileup.

Charles A. Fasick, Fireman of the derrick, happened to be at his post when the crash came, wedging him in among the wrecked parts of the engine of the derrick, that before assistance could reach him he was so badly scalded and hurt internally that he died from his injuries at 2:25AM Tues. morning. The remainder of the crew were settled down for rest, after their work, in the cabin car, and were thrown about in a heap, although no one was seriously hurt, but had it not been for the heavy derrick at the rear, every man on board would have met death.

Those who received slight injuries are: Wm. Dunn, head cut; Wm. Pry, back hurt; Cloyd Allen, Conductor of the wreck crew, arm hurt. As soon as the Train Runner Ira Cramer, could get to the Telegraph Office help was soon on the scene of the accident and the Huntingdon Wreck Crew soon cleared the tracks. It is a question of doubt as to who is to blame.

Mr. Fasick is survived by a wife and three dear little children. Funeral services were held at the resident of the deceased in Patterson Thursday afternoon of this week at 2:25 and interment was made ion the Presbyterian Cemetery. Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to the family in this hour of sadness.

Juniata Tribune - January 29, 1903

NOTE: Juniata Tribune shows moving train as Passenger 1065 and Altoona Mirror reports it as Freight 1965.

Articles copied from Microfilm at Pennsylvania State Archives and Juniata County Historical Society.

Larry Fasick is the great grandson of Charles A. Fasick who was killed in the wreck.