Philadelphia, PA Battleship Massachusetts Accident, Dec 1904



Philadelphia, Dec. 16. - Caught in a trap and helpless to save themselves, three men lost their lives and four others, including LIEUT. WILLIAM C. COLE, were terribly scalded Thursday by a rush of steam and boiling water in the fire-room of the battleship Massachusetts, lying at the League Island Navy Yard.
The dead are:
EDWARD BUB, married, boilermaker and civilian;
ANDREW HAMILTON, married, boilermaker and civilian;
CHARLES RITZEL, boilermaker's helper and civilian.
LIEUT. COLE received his injuries in a heroic attempt to rescue the others. The first to enter the fire-hole was LIEUT. COLE. Without hesitating at becoming scalded by the hot water and steam he entered quickly and dragged the men from the place to the door, where they were taken in charge by others. BUB and HAMILTON were dead when found, and RITZEL died a few minutes after being taken on deck.

Worthington Advance Minnesota 1904-12-23