Columbia, PA Terrible Trolley Crash, Aug 1896

Aug 9, 1896 WORST TROLLEY WRECK neal Columbia PA

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HARRY HERSHEY, conductor, hands cut; suffers from shock.
IRVIN SHOLL, head and face cut.
JAY STRIUE, slightly cut and bruised.
ORRICK RICHARDS, Columbia, badly squeezed.
ELSIE GREER, Columbia, bruised and cut.
GEORGE DEEG, Columbia, cut on head.
FREDERICK TRONTMAN, Columbus, body bruised and head severely cut.
JOSEPH DESCH, Columbia, body bruised.
JAMES SHULTZ, Columbia, head cut and bruised.
ARCHIE GEMMEL, Columbia, body slightly injured and cut.
PHILIP SHANK, Columbia, head badly cut, body bruised and stripped of clothing.
JOHN LONG, cut and bruised.
WILLIAM BROOKMAN, head badly cut.
FRANK REESE, four ribs broken.
ANNIE DETZ, shoulder blade broken.
LILLIE GREULICH, left arm fractured and lacerated.
HUGH SPIERS, scalp wound and back injured.

The Injured Lancaster Girl.
MISS FITZGERALD, who is in a critical condition, is the daughter of Harry E. Fitzgerald, of No. 514 Woodward Street, and she was employed at one of the Farnum Cotton Mills. When Mr. Fitzgerald learned of his daughter's condition he went to Columbia and remained by her bedside today. While her condition is serious the physicians have some hopes of her recovery. MISS FITZGERALD was at the park with several friends, none of whom was seriously hurt.

Hospital Patients Improving.
Word received this afternoon from our Columbia correspondent states that the seven patients in the Columbia General Hospital are very much improved. MISS FITZGERALD'S condition has made such a radical change for the better that, if nothing unforseen occurs, she will in all probability recover.

Lancaster New Era Pennsylvania 10 Aug 1896