Greenville, PA Passenger Train Wrecked, Feb 1901


While running at a high rate of speed passenger train No. 5 on the Erie railroad was wrecked near Greenville, Pa.
Six passengers were killed and nine injured.
The dead are:
Unknown Man, had ticket to Rushville, Ind., and postal card in his pocket addressed to the Adams Produce company, Rushville, Ind.
HARRY A. HART, sergeant major Tenth infantry, bound for Fort Crook, Neb.
PETER J. CURRY, private, same, home in Philadelphia.
Man about 25, supposed to be CLARENCE LEEK, Somerville, N. J..
C. HENRY, baggage master, Meadville, Pa.
An Unknown Man.
The injured are:
CARMIE GOLIGLURE, Carbondale, Pa., bruised.
CARMIE GREECE, Carbondale, Pa., bruised.
IVAN LESTER SMITH, Canistee, N. Y., badly bruised.
JOSEPH KENNEDY, Springfield, Mass., left leg broken, cut and badly bruised, private Tenth infantry.
WILLIAM D. MOORE, 32 Lenox road, Brooklyn, left leg broken, cut about head.
W. F. MacGINNITIE, Portland, Ind., badly bruised.
B. A. MARSDEN, Philadelphia, seriously.
O. H. SIMMONS, Kent, O., brakeman, left leg broken, right leg bruised.
and LEEK, Somerville, N. J., seriously.

Ticonderoga Sentinel New York 1901-02-14