Philadelphia, PA Trolley Car - Wagon Wreck, Jul 1908


Two men were injured, several others had narrow escapes and traffic was delayed for nearly and hour yesterday as the result of a collision between a trolley car and a wagon belonging to the Bureau of Water on Arch street near Fifteenth, yesterday afternoon.

The employes[sic] of the Water Bureau had dug a large hole in the street on Arch street. A wagon with some material for the men were crossing the tracks near the hole when it was struck by the car and turned upon its side.

Stephen White, the driver of the wagon, was hurled from his seat and had his neck injured, while Charles Jones, a caulker, who was working in the hole, was struck by the wheel of the wagon. The injured men were taken to the Hahnemann Hospital.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 9 Jul 1908