Shaffer, PA Fire, Mar 1866

Distructive[sic] Fire At Shaffer----We have a special telegraphic dispatch from Shaffer stating that another fire occurred there yesterday morning at two o'clock, destroying the International Hotel and the Buffalo Dining Saloon. These buildings were both new and erected since the last conflagration. The Dining Saloon was owned by G. N. Brown. We are informed that the stock owned by Mr. Van Volkenburg was insured for $2,000. Whether there was any insurance on the building we cannot learn.

Messrs. Donnegan & Johnson owned the International and had just got through building and furnishing. They had a fine house and the public meet with a lose as well as the proprietors. We know the public sympathy will be extended to Messrs. D. & J. They are hard working men and had invested the result of months of hard labor in this property. It is all swept away in an hour. They had no insurance on either building or furniture. Their loss is fully $9,000.

Titusville Morning Herald, Titusville, Pa 10 Mar 1866