Erie, PA Presque Isle Drownings, Nov 1887

Two Fishermen Drowned.

Erie, Pa., Nov.30.- JAMES MCLAUGHLIN and ROBT. PRYOR,fishermen were drowned about half a mile off the shore of Presque Isle yesterday. The manner of their death is remarkable. They started out early yesterday morning and pulled their nets, making such a large haul that the boat was laden nearly to the water's edge. At this time they were two miles from shore and the surface of the water was covered with slush ice several inches thick. The men weighed anchor and started back, but the wind rising caused the boat to pitch heavily and every lurch caused her to ship large quantities of semi-liquid ice. Seeing that it was impossible to reach Erie Harbor the men turned for the shore, but when half a mile out an unusually heavy flow drove large blocks of ice into the boat and she slid under, disappearing from view. the men struggled in the water and ice for a time, but were soon overcome by the cold, in sight of the crowd on shore, which could render no assistance.

The Columbus Enquirer-Sun, Columbus, Ga I Dec 1887