Schuylkill Haven, PA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Nov 1892


Five Killed by a Boiler Explosion on the Reading Road.

A frightful boiler explosion occurred on the Reading road a short distance above Schulkill Haven, Penn., about midnight. Five men were killed and several injured. The killed were: Engineer WILLIAM COWEY, Fireman C. J. C. MACKEY, WILLIAM MOYER, engineer; HENRY ALLISON, Conductor KENDRICK.

MICHAEL DOBBINS, a brakeman was badly injured.

The engine had just finished making a shift and coupled up to a train. The moment the steam was applied the explosion followed. COWEY was hurled against the rocks and every bone in his body was crushed. MOYER was hurled 100 yards away into a field. The others lay near the wreck.

The engine was No. 563 (?) and belonged to the freight trade. On Sunday she was put on the coal trade, and at the time of the accident was on her way to Palo Alto. The locomotive is a complete wreck.

COWEY and MOYER belonged to another crew, and were dead-heading it home to Palo Alto. The other victims belonged to the engine which exploded. Some of the dead are mutilated almost beyond recognition.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1892-11-18