Blairsville, PA Railroad Accident, Feb 1860

Feb 1, 1860

Fatal Railroad-Accident.—Two Men Killed.—Two men were killed at Blairsville intersection, on the Pennsylvania Railroad. Three men were walking along the track near the intersection,--Frank Singer, Andrew Maxwell and his brother. The freight-train coming West attracted their attention, and they did not see or hear the express, the fireman and engineer of which say it was impossible to see any one on the track for the smoke of the freight-train. The express came up, knocked Singer and Maxwell down, and cut them to pieces by passing over them. No shock was experienced on the train. Maxwell’s brother, who was walking on the ties, outside the rails, escaped unhurt, and gave the alarm. When the train stopped, part of Maxwell’s coat was found on the cow-catcher. Both were young men, in the employ of the company. Maxwell was an extra baggage-master on the Indiana branch, and had been on the road six years. He lived near the intersection, and was buried on Sunday. Singer was engaged in getting out ties. He had been married but a few months, and his wife resided in this city. His remains were brought to the city on Sunday. A coroner’s inquest was held upon the remains on Sunday, at the intersection, developing the above facts.—Pittsburg Post.

Vincent’s Semi-annual United States Register, Jan-Jun 1860 page 79