Monongahela, PA Mine Explosion, Jun 1908


Explosion Near Monongahela, Pa.,

With Fatal Results.

MONONGAHELA, Pa., June 19.--Three miners are dead, two others perhaps fatally burned, and fifteen entombed, many of whom are supposed to be dead from an explosion at the Ellsworth No. 1 mine of the Pittsburg Coal company near here today. It is feared the entombed men are also dead. Of the victims taken from the mine JOHN BEAL is the only one identified. The others are foreigners whose features were too scorched to be recognized. The two burned men were hurried to the hospital here where it is said they will probably die. Little is known as to the cause of the explosion.

Later reports from Ellsworth, Pa., are to the effect that all the men are out of the mine, the total number of victims being ten, three of whom, are dead. Two injured men, both named Peter Hazen, cousins, are at the hospital, terribly burned. Five other injured where taken out of the mine several hours after the explosion and brought to the hospital here tonight.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 20 Jun 1908