Greenville, PA Tornado, Mar 1903


Greenville, Pa., March 30.--The Easter services being held in the United Presbyterian church at Jamestown, this county, 6 miles north of here, came to an abrupt ending at 12 o’clock today. The sky became overcast and a funnel-shaped cloud was seen approaching from the northwest. The tail dipped to the ground just before the church was reached. The congregation became uneasy, but Pastor J. M. Jamison continued the services. Suddenly there was a terrific crash and part of the south end of the church was crushed in, burying the minister beneath bricks and timber. The men of the congregation rushed to the pulpit and when the stricken minister was removed from the debris it was fund he had received injuries that probably will prove fatal. The storm was the worst that had occurred in this section for years, and it is thought tomorrow will bring reports of great damage from the country districts.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 31 Mar 1902