Wellsboro, PA Train Plunges Through Trestle, Jan 1890



Elmira, N. Y., Jan. 6. -- By the wrecking of a work train on the Fail Brook Road near Wellsborough (Wellsboro), Penn., last night, three men were killed and sixteen others injured. The accident was caused by the collapse of a bridge while the train was passing over, and the cars and men and tools were precipitated into the creek. The engine and tender passed over safely, became detached from the cars, and remained on the track.
The cars were thrown together and stood on end and the men and contents piled up in a mass. The cries of the wounded attracted the attention of people in the vicinity, who at once set to work to rescue the injured men. When all were taken out it was found that GRANT MILLIKEN'S neck was broken, DANIEL HOWARD was crushed to death, and CONRAD DITTENHOFFER'S arm and leg were crushed. He was injured fatally.
ZURN BAKER, the master mechanic in charge, was badly hurt, but will recover. JOHN ROBERTS had several ribs broken and was otherwise hurt. WILLIAM FRANCIS was hurt in the spine. S. B. DIMMICK received a scalp wound and several bruises. WILLIAM GREEN was cut on the head, arm, and leg. The others in the car, ten in number, were more or less injured. WILLIAM BREW, telegraph operator, was taken out of the wreck unconscious. He is thought to be hurt internally. MILLIKEN, HOWARD, and DITTENHOFFER were on the platform when the accident occurred, but were unable to jump and save themselves, owing to the suddenness of the collapse.
HOWARD leaves a widow and three children. MILLIKEN leaves a widow. The accident was caused by the top of the derrick on the train hitting the top of the bridge.
Although the derrick touched the structure while going in the opposite direction in the morning, officers of the company say the bridge must have settled during the day, and attribute the wreck to that cause. The company has had wrecks nearly every week during the Fall and Winter.

The New York Times New York 1890-01-07