Philadelphia, PA Gold Fish Put Out Building Fire, Nov 1901


Three Hundred Flapping Tails Help To Save Philadelphia Building.

Flames that broke out in the store of Thomas E. Henry, 2235 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, while nobody was about reached a big aquarium that held 300 goldfish and cracked the glass, letting out most of the water. The escaping water put out most of the fire, and the goldfish extinguished the rest of the flames.

The water remaining in the aquarium was so low that the majority of the fish were left uncovered. In their desperation the fish flapped their tails, and the simultaneous effort of 300 fish power sent the water out of the aquarium in showers on the burning furniture and furnishings.

Fish put out the fire after $200 damage had been done. They were found gasping in the tank after their efforts had exhausted their water supply, but were soon worse for their experience.

"Those fish are too good to be sold, and I've a notion to send them to President Roosevelt." said Mr. Henry after the fire.

The Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 17 Nov 1901