Bellwood, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1887

Rolled Down a Hundred Foot Embankment.

ALTOONA, Pa., Dec.31.----Yesterday about ten miles from Bellwood on the Clearfield & Jefferson railroad, the last car of the Eastern express, containing twenty passengers, went off the track, caused by a broken rail, and down a on hundred foot embankment, turning four times in its descent. No one was seriously injured except John Keller, who is not expected to live.

Saturday Herald, Decatur, IL 7 Jan 1888


John Keller was fatally injured by the derailment of a car near Bellwood, Pa., on Friday. The car went down a 100-foot embankment, and, strange to say, no other passenger was seriously injured.

New Hampshire Sentinel, Keene, NH 4 Jan 1888