DuBois, PA Tenement House Collapse, Sept 1920


A large amount of excitement was caused in the Fifth ward yesterday morning shortly after 10:30 o'clock, at which time a portion of a tenement house owned by C. A. McDonald slipped from its mooring on some pillars and crashed to the ground. There was imminent danger of fire and the alarm was sounded, bringing out the firemen, but their services were not required, as the families occupying the apartments and people attracted to the scene by the crash carefully turned out all gas and water, the main shutoff being later turned off.

The portion of the building that crashed to the ground is that extending along Main stereet[sic] and was occupied by three families, Dorey Hay, Robert Kirschartz and William Eltrinham. All of the occupants of the building were badly shaken up, but fortunately no one sustained injuries. The house fell a distant of about 4 feet and caused a loud roar when it toppled over.

The tenements in question were formerly car barns, being used for that purpose when the trolley cars found a resting place at night on Spring avenue. Following the erection of the new car barns, the buildings were taken over by Mr. McDonald and converted into tenements.

Clearfield Progress, Clearfield, PA 28 Sept 1920