Philadelphia, PA Mattress Factory Fire, Aug 1880

pa philadelphia mattress factory fire aug 1880

Distressing Casualty at a Fire.---A few minutes after five o'clock yesterday afternoon, a fire broke out on the third floor of the four-story brick building, No. 261 North Second street, owned and occupied as a mattress factory by Mr. S. Collins. At that time the only two employed of the establishment, Elizabeth Oglesby, aged twenty-one years, residing at No. 2249 North Eighth street, were at work on the fourth floor, in the rear. The flames spread so rapidly that the stairway was soon enveloped in smoke. The girls seeing that all means of retreat were cut off, rushed to the back window and jumped to the ground. One of them fell on a shed and rolled to the ground, the other struck on a window and then on a fence.

Mr. A. E. Cohn, southwest corner of Second and Vine streets, conveyed the sufferers to the drug store of Dr. L. M. Pratt, where their wounds were attended to by Dr. G. W. Cornell. It was found that Emma Banes had apparently not sustained much injury, but Elizabeth Ogelsby, however, was, in the opinion of Dr. Cornell, very seriously, if not fatally injured. Her right arm and several ribs were broken, and she was injured internally. The ambulance was sent for, and the parties conveyed to the Pennsylvania Hospital. At a late hour last evening there was a possibility of the recovery of Elizabeth Ogelsby.

It is not known what was the origin of the fire, and the flames were extinguished after the third and fourth stories had been burned out. The loss is about $1500. Mr. Collins, the owner of the property, is out of town, but it is stated he is fully insured.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 4 Aug 1880