Clairton, PA Sand Boat VIGILANT Fire, Nov 1901


Twelve Men and a Woman Swim Through Spouting Flames of Gas.

Pittsburg, Pa., Nov.---Swimming through spouting flames of gas was the experience of 12 men and a woman on the sand boat, Vigilant, which was burned to the water's edge in the Monongahela river at Clairton yesterday.

The boat was moored over a gas main which crosses the river at that point. A break in the main caused gas to bubble up through the water and ignite from the fires under the steamer's boiler. There was an explosion and the boat was enveloped in fire.

The members of the crew and the woman jumped into the river and swam through the geysers of fire. All reached shore in safety, badly scorched or burned.

Davenport Daily Republican, Davenport, IA 22 Nov 1901