Arendtsville, PA Hog Pen Fire, Oct 1910


Arendtsville, Oct. 28.---About 12 o'clock Thursday, Harry Deardorff's hog pen was discovered to be on fire. The fire alarm was sounded and the bucket brigade responded promptly, and soon put out the blaze. The fire had gained considerably headway and the roof was badly burned. Mr. Deardorff had taken some soot out of his cook stove the day previous and put it into a box on the loft of the pen to fertilize his plants next summer and it is supposed that started the fire. Mr. Deardorff extends his sincere thanks to all those who aided in putting out the fire. Mr. and Mrs. Deardorff were absent having gone to Gettysburg to attend the funeral of Mr. Edward Culp.

Adams County News, Gettysburg, PA 29 Oct 1910