Philadelphia, PA Accidents, Jul 1880

Edward Roach, of Kaighn's Point avenue, was caught between a wagon and a car at Delaware avenue and Dock street on Saturday afternoon and sustained severe injuries.

By the explosion of a gasoline tank in the basement of the Continental Hotel stables, in Raspberry alley, near Tenth and Walnut streets, on Saturday night, Patrick Gannon, the attendant, was badly burned about the face and hands.

John Cochrane, aged thirteen years, living at No. 1125 McKess street had his right hand fingers cut off by having them caught in a cog wheel at the cotton mill near Twelfth and South streets on Saturday. The sufferer was removed to the Pennsylvania Hospital.

John Millman, aged five years, living at No. 602 South Thirteenth street, fell from the loft of a stable, near his residence, on Saturday, and broke his right arm.

Patrick Murray, of No. 337 South Twenty-sixth street, sustained serious injuries, on Saturday, by a derrick falling on him.

Harry Miller, aged fourteen years, of No. 921 Darien street, was admitted to the Pennsylvania Hospital, on Saturday, with his right arm fractured by having it caught in a press at No. 43 South street.

John Robinson, colored, had his foot mashed at Spruce street wharf on Saturday.

Joseph Thomas, twenty-two years old, of No. 722 North Ninth street, whose left leg was cut off by a train of cars, which he was trying to board running over it at Ninth and Thompson streets, on the 16th inst. died at the Pennsylvania Hospital on Saturday morning.

The body of an unknown man was found floating in the Delaware, at Christian street wharf, yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon Patrick Fallon, a fireman on the steamer Sicily, which arrived at this port on Saturday, fell into the Delaware at Washington avenue wharf, and was drowned. The body was not recovered.

Last evening David Conway, seven years old, living at Front and Lombard streets, was knocked down and run over by a horse and carriage opposite his home, and was seriously injured. Fred Gall, the driver, was arrested and held to await the result of the injuries.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 26 Jul 1880