Philadelphia, PA Elevator Accident, Dec 1900


Serious Accident to a Young Woman Servant at the Hotel Bornot.

Minnie Saloman, 19 years of age, of 503 South Front street, was caught in the Hotel Bornot elevator at 6 o'clock last evening, receiving injuries which are deemed serious at the Jefferson Hospital, where she was taken for treatment.

Miss Saloman, according to the story of David Shields, the elevator boy, was in too big a hurry to get home from her work. She sprang out of the cage before it had reached the floor, slipping in such a manner that both feet flew under the machine. Her legs were terribly lacerated below the knees. In fact, the elevator became so tightly wedged that it had to be pried loose. No bones were broken, however. The injured woman had been a helper in the Bornot kitchen for about two years.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 20 Dec 1900