Philadelphia, PA Stove Fire, Dec 1900

Destitute Woman Badly Burned

The Board of Health and the police have had their attention called to the case of Mrs. Nellie Cooney and her son, James, of 2314 Callowhill street. The mother is 75 years of age, a widow, apparently without friends and deplorably destitute. To add to her misery the old woman, it is said, is demented, and the son of 25 years has inherited a weak mind. The occupy the same room in a small boarding house. A little round stove forms the only furniture, a few rags on the floor in a corner serving for a bed. Early yesterday morning Mrs. Conney fell on the stove and her screams brought James McCormick, the landlord. He found her with her wrapper blazing, but succeeded in extinguishing the flames before Mrs. Conney was seriously injured. The son, James, was not in the room at the time. Mrs. Conney refused to got to a hospital. The police are making an investigation and the Board of Health had been notified, as the condition of the room in which mother and son live in is said to be squalid in the extreme.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 15 Dec 1900