Philadelphia, PA Baker's Shop and House Fire, Dec 1900


Blaze in a Baker's Shop Endangers Lives of Eight

The family of George Hofacker, a baker, had a narrow escape from probable death by fire at their home, 943 North Second street, early yesterday morning, being carried down ladders by firemen. Hofacker, his wife and their six little children were sleeping soundly when the house caught fire from hot coals which fell from a stove. A watchman, in passing the house a few minutes later, discovered the house on fire and aroused the family, every one of whom was trying to get out of the upper windows when the firemen arrived.

Ladders were quickly raised and the baker, his wife and the children were carried safely to the sidewalk. The fire caused damage amounting to several hundred dollars.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 23 Dec 1900