Philadelphia, PA Coal Oil Lamp Fire, Dec 1900


Man's Heroic Rescue May Result in Saving Her Life.

Mrs. Mary Dunbar, 35 years old, of 2044 Dennie street, Nicetown, was probably fatally burned last evening by her clothing catching fire from a coal oil lamp. Mrs. Dunbar was carrying a baby in her arms at the time when she accidentally knocked the lamp from a table. It fell to the floor and broke in a hundred pieces, the blazing oil being scattered in all directions.

The woman's dress caught fire, but regardless of her own peril she rushed to another room to place the child in a position of safety. This delay gave the flames a chance to envelop her, and she dashed out into the yard screaming for help.

John Tomkins, a boarder at the house, threw his overcoat around the woman and extinguished the flames. Her clothing had been burped almost entirely from her body and she was fearfully injured.

She was put to bed and the family physician was summoned to attend her. Her condition is critical.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 23 Dec 1900