Bristol, PA Drowning Rescue, Jan 1910

Father and Child Nearly Drowned.

Herbert Hedrick, of Burlington, and Allee, his 3 year old daughter, were rescued from the icy waters of the Delaware river on Monday night. The baby was saved by Stanley Page, of Burlington, and Hedrick was pulled out through the combined efforts of four men, who formed a life line.

Hedrick had been visiting his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dean, of Bristol. He placed the baby in a box on runners, which he pushed before him as he skated. The river has been covered with skaters the last few days, but it is necessary to take a circuitous route in order to travel from one town to the other.

While Hedrick was crossing, Frank Heitzman, John Sackville, Frank Hellings and Miss Ethel Townsend, all of Bristol, and Stanley Page, of Burlington, left the Jersey shore. They saw Hedrick, with his head down for protection from the cold, near the southern point of Burlington Island, skating directly for open water, caused by the meeting of cross currents of the divided river.

Realizing the man's danger, Page shouted. It was too late, for Hedrick with his child was already on very thin ice, and he broke through. As they sank the baby fell from the sled and was seized by the father. Hedrick disappeared, holding his right hand high above his head.

Throwing off his overcoat, Page ran to help the man out, but ventured too near the edge and broke in. He managed to pull himself out and took the child from the grasp of Hedrick, who was fast becoming exhausted. One of the men gave his coat to Miss Townsend, who wrapped it about the youngster.

A life line was then formed, with Page as the first link. With his coat held before him, he got within reach of the drowning man, and the party dragged him to safety.

Wednesday night of last week Page crossed the river, full of floating ice, in order to reach the bedside of his brother, dying in Bristol. His journey was fraught with great peril, and his brother, W. Harlan Page, died before he reached the house.

Bucks County Courier, Bristol, PA 14 Jan 1910