Philipsburg, PA Plane Crashes Into Mountains, Nov 1975


Philipsburg, Pa. (AP) -- The Federal Aviation Administration says its preliminary investigation into the cause of a plane crash which killed four persons Friday points toward pilot error.
Killed in the crash were GAIL MONTGOMERY, 33, the pilot, and his wife, JOANNE, 33, of Quakertown, Pa.; STUART STEIN, 27, of Aububon, Pa., and THERESE LIVINGSTON-SMITH, of Lansing, N. Y.
Authorities said the four were flying to Mid-State Airport on their way to a Penn State football game against North Carolina Street when their single-engine Aero Commander plowed into a wooded mountainside 10 miles south of here.
Both wings and part of the tail were torn off before the fuselage flipped over and lodged between two trees.
Authorities said MONTGOMERY had notified the FAA he was on his landing approach at 7:22 p.m. Three minutes later, three other aircraft picked up transmissions from an emergency locater, which begins broadcasting a signal on impact.

The Progress Clearfield Pennsylvania 1975-11-10


Stuart Stein

Stuart Stein was my Uncle

Stuart Stein

I was also a student of his. Did you ever find out anything about his family?

Been looking for info on

Been looking for info on Stuart Stein. I was lucky enough to have him as a teacher and a friend at Great Valley HS in Malvern Pa.