Conneaut, PA Drowning, Aug 1886

A Very Sad Case, - Mother and Three Children Drowned.

Erie, PA, Aug. 11- Yesterday afternoon, at Conneaut, MRS. STOUGH went to do the family washing, it being the custom to go to the creek earby. During the afternoon and before MRS. STOUGH was aware that her children were close to the creek, the youngest, HETTIE, a bright child of eight years, got into the stream and was swept out into the current, when she was perceived by her older sisters, ADA, aged 14 and BERTHA, aged 12. Both ran to their younger sisters' rescue and they too got beyond their depth.

The agonizing cries of the drowning children reached their mother's ears, but not until HETTIE had sunk and the two other were being drawn under by the current. The mother rushed into the stream, and in her efforts to rescue her children she, too, went down with them. Her screams filled the valley and attracted the attention of trainmen, who, hastened with all possible speed to the spot, but not until all had dissappeared. Their bodies were recovered and taken to their home which they had left in perfect health but an hour before.

MARTIN STOUGH, the husband and father, who is an employee on the Nickelplate road, was notified, and when he learned the sad fate of his dear ones he was utterly prostrated in a frenzy of grief. He will have the sincere, deepfelt sympathy of all who read this sad story.

The Ohio Democrat, New Philadelphia, OH 19 Aug 1886