Ernest, PA Gas Explosion In Mine, Feb 1916

Ernest Town View Ernest Mine Tipple Entrance To Mines Ernest

Because of the condition of the mine however, this work progressed slowly. A number of rescuers were overcome by gas, the condition of one, JAMES McGUIRE, being so serious that it was necessary to bring him to a local hospital.
County authorities as well as state mine inspectors began an investigation of the accident today.

Soon after the arrival of the bureau of mines rescue car a report spread that three men still were alive in the mine and efforts were redoubled to reach the section where they were believed to be imprisoned, but resulted in bringing to light another man who had been killed. The workings ahead of the rescue crews were found to be filled with after-damp and all hope of further rescue was abandoned. Inquiry into the cause of the explosion was commened today by Coroner H. B. BUTTERBAUGH and officials of the company. Later in the day the bodies were brought here for interment.

The Newark Advocate Ohio 1916-02-12