Ebensburg, PA Destructive Fire Throughout Town, Feb 1915

Ebensburg PA Fire Damage Ebensburg PA Fire Damage Ebensburg PA Fire Damage Ebensburg PA Fire Damage


Practically the entire business section of Ebensburg, mountain summer resort and county seat of Cambria county, was wiped out Thursday morning by fire which broke out in the pool room of the Mountain House. Every building in the block from the Mountain House to the county court house was destroyed.
The loss is estimated at between $250,000 and $300,000. The court house was not damaged although the buildings adjoining were destroyed. Fire companies from many northern Cambria towns were summoned to assist the Ebensburg company. The Johnstown city fire department also went to the scene. The buildings destroyed include the fine building of the Cambria Savings and company, several hotels, a livery barn, a bank building and a number of small office buildings. The telephone communications were cut off. The buildings destroyed were thirteen in number. A cigarette dropped in the poolroom the night previous is believed to have started the fire.

Indiana Weekly Messenger Pennsylvania 1915-02-24



The business center of Ebensburg, Pa., was wiped out by fire, the loss aggregating $250,000. Twelve business buildings were destroyed and the private residence of County Commissioner T. O. OSBORN was burned. The famous Mountain house and the Hotel Bender were among the properties destroyed. Fire appaaratus was hurried from Johnstown and saved the town from total destruction. Several buildings were dynamited to prevent the spread of the flames.

The Indiana Progress Pennsylvania 1915-02-24