Shiremanstown, PA Fires Sweeps Through Town, Sep 1908

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Harrisburg, Pa., Sept. 3. -- Twenty buildings, twelve of them dwellings, were entirely destroyed in the borough of Shiremanstown, seven miles from this city. The town is without a fire department and has no water supply except from wells and cisterns, and the loss would have been far greater had not chemical engines from this city and Mechanicsburg stayed the flames. The loss will run over $40,000, of which fully $9,000 will fall on St. John's Lutheran congregation, whose handsome brick church was destroyed.
The fire started from a spark which fell on the roof of an old warehouse beside the Cumberland Valley railroad station, and it was consumed in a few minutes. At the height of the fire the wind changed and the flames were turned from the station toward the town. A stiff breeze was blowing and the sparks were carried for some distance, setting fire to over a score of roofs. A bucket brigade was formed by the residents and farmers who came in, while several railroad crews arrived to render assistance. Help was then asked from the nearby towns and Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill responded. The fire was checked after a spectacular fight by men from three companies, who pulled down buildings and concentrated their hose lines on houses which were covered with wet blankets.
Most of the people lost their furniture, and the total insurance on buildings and their contents will not reach $15,000.

Tyrone Daily Herald Pennsylvania 1908-09-03